Syria now in 'civil war': UN Official

As with most everything else it deals with, the UN is just a little bit behind the reality curve. Having apparently given up on Kofi Annan's stillborn "peace plan," the UN is apparently ready to accept the fact that everyone else has been aware of for the last month; Syria is fighting a full blown civil war. BBC: Asked whether he believed Syria was now in a civil war, Mr Ladsous told a small group of reporters: "Yes, I think we can say that. "Clearly what is happening is that the government of Syria lost some large chunks of territory, several cities to the opposition, and wants to retake control." The UN and the US have warned of an alarming escalation in violence in Haffa, amid reports of a build-up of government forces around the town. UN monitors first tried to reach Haffa on Monday but were denied access. On Tuesday, government forces gave them permission to pass through the last checkpoint before the town, but the monitors judged the situation to be "unsafe" and turned...(Read Full Post)