Senate Dems angry at leak on Iran cyberattack

I don't think "national security" means the same thing to Obama than it does to the rest of us. At least, as far as using top secret info to show what a stud our president is when it comes to fighting the bad guys. Even members of his own party are criticizing the flood of national security leaks from this administration over the past year. The Hill: Senate Democrats on Tuesday blasted leaks to the press about a cyberattack against Iran and warned the disclosure of President Obama's order could put the United States at risk of a retaliatory strike.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee, said the leak about the attack on Iran's nuclear program could "to some extent" provide justification for copycat attacks against the United States. "This is like an avalanche. It is very detrimental and, candidly, I found it very concerning," Feinstein said. "There's no question that this kind of thing hurts our country." The FBI opened its own probe...(Read Full Post)