Why I Sent Money to Scott Walker

Debbie Wasserman Schultz discounted the stinging Democrat union defeat in Wisconsin with reference to the out of state money sent to Scott Walker.  She would be wiser (laugh) to recognize the significance of this statement.

Why would I, a citizen of Macon, GA, send money to Scott Walker in Madison, Wisconsin?  Because unions have become a threat to the nation. The Democrats have made the unions a critical client group in spite of their greatly reduced significance in American commerce.  In fact the only growth area for unions has been in government.  And thanks to Scott Walker that has been greatly reduced in his state.  Once he ceased making union membership mandatory for state workers, the ranks quickly shrank.  "AFSCME's Local 24 in Madison, which represented 22,300 Wisconsin state workers last year, has seen its membership shrink by two-thirds, to 7,100." 

Scott Walker won because he showed results: a balanced budget and lower taxes.  He did not blame the previous administration for the mess he inherited.  Walker defied the special interests, the unions, and made difficult decisions to deliver prudent government to EVERY citizen.  That, Ms. Schultz, is the lesson you should be learning: results count, rhetoric fades, and blame mongering is a sign of weakness.

Walker won with a substantial margin, 53% to Tom Barrett's 46%.  I would have preferred to see a wider double digit margin. The fact that Barrett got 46% is an indication of what a strong union state Wisconsin was.  'Was' is the operative word here.  If the union thugs can be neutralized in Wisconsin they can be dismantled anywhere. And they will be.

That is why I sent money to Scott Walker. 

Henry Oliner