Poets on the Bench

It's been said that history doesn't repeat itself but that it often rhymes.  The Supreme Court, principally Justice Roberts, by finding that the people of the United States have no property rights the government needs respect, rhymes with Chief Justice Taney's majority opinion in Dred Scott that the negro has no rights anyone need respect.  All the federal government has to do is call it a tax.  Ipso facto, it's constitutional. But where in the large universe of written record by the founders is there any hint that the people who wrote the Constitution Roberts cites would have considered ordering people to purchase a product a tax?  Because there's money involved?  A number that can be put to the exaction?  A number can be put to the government's order for you to buy a house, or sell it.  A number can be put to an order forcing you to buy your child a particular type of college education.  Ethnic studies come to mind.  A number can be put...(Read Full Post)