Just Us Nobodies

I am just another nameless, faceless American to those in Washington, D.C. and most of the civilized world. I am a mother of seven and a nurse to boot.  My husband works hard to support us while I work hard to raise my family.

President Obama, with the full consent of Justice Roberts, just made that much, much more difficult.  You see, several of my children have serious medical issues, and we struggle to find a doctor, any doctor who will see them outside emergency care.  I do not dare to tell most of the doctors we see that I have sick children who need monitoring and medical assistance, because they will find an excuse not to see us.  I try to get my "foot in the door" with one of the healthier kids first, and I have learned not reveal that I have so many kids.  We actually have insurance, we pay our bills, we try not to cause trouble. We love our kids, like millions of other parents, and we would do anything for them.

How much more difficult is it going to be for us to secure timely care now that Justice Roberts has upheld the president's version of health insurance?  We who already have insurance barely get a mention, although many of us who do purchase it struggle from paycheck to paycheck, just like those unfortunates who allegedly can't afford it.  You find a way to budget what is important.  If you are in poverty, then we already have a system of health insurance.  For the middle class, insurance is a grown-up, necessary decision, just like life insurance and retirement.

Once the government sticks its hand in the pot of your financial decisions, and health insurance is a financial decision, then government makes for another step to complicate the process, and with a price tag attached.  But what is it going to do to us who are insured, and our own health care?  What is it going to mean for my children and for future generations?  (Kids cannot vote, though, so why should D.C. care?)

I am a nurse, so I have seen both sides of the medical profession -- as the patient, mother of the patient, wife of the patient, and as a trained, licensed caregiver.  You see, I know what is coming for patients, for hospitals and doctors, for me and my family, and it frightens me.

After the initial shock of the verdict wore off, all I could do was cry.  It is so easy for government to lie to us.  It sounds so good to know we'll be taken care of, doesn't it?  But they won't.  I have worked with government insurance, in the offices of the handful of offices and facilities that would accept it.

Government does not have a good reputation in the medical community; I do not care what fans of the health care law say.  Their reimbursement fee is low.  Denial of coverage is absolute when they decide that enough is enough, and that includes when it is their mistake.  There is no timely appeal process, no one really to hold them accountable.  They make the rules and do as they please.  The paperwork and regulations are a tangled nightmare, shortages abound, and in the end, the standard of care greatly suffers.

I have seen health programs like Medicare gobble money up in a manner that defies comprehension or good sense.  It is a nightmare.  I have seen "panels" of so-called experts make faulty and potentially fatal "recommendations."  How much more can we expect this sort of thing?  The deficiencies and liabilities are endless when it comes to government intrusion.

I had to write this because I really don't have a voice.  I can vote, I can write letters, make calls (except to SCOTUS, who is not accepting my calls, apparently), and I can pray -- a lot -- but I need to lay it all out there, hoping someone stands up for those who cannot stand up for themselves: my kids, and the kids of loving parents everywhere in this nation.

What Obama is doing is wrong.  Justice Roberts is wrong.  But who will hold them accountable, and will it be too late?  It's not their families or themselves who will feel the burden of the new "tax" and regulations.  It is just nobodies like me and my family.