Phony Halo is no Helmet

As if their candidate needed to further alienate the veteran voting bloc, Obama's clueless handlers have done it again. There were emails circulating on Memorial Day that the presidential security detail had locked down the Vietnam Memorial site early that morning, shooing off veterans and their families so that the locale could be used for  a photo op. While I was never able to verify the accuracy of those emails, perhaps this ill-conceived campaign photo posted over at Hot Air where Ed Morrissey has it up as his Obamateurism of the Day, lends them some credence. It no doubt took the president's photogs some time to set up such an artsy pic with the light just so, so as to provide the requisite halo round the One's consecrated cranium. Surely the pros and the pols couldn't be bothered by the plebian presence of actual rank and file Vietnam vets and their families while such an important campaign event was underway.  Morrissey notes that the White House photo office has...(Read Full Post)