Obama paying the price in Black community for gay marriage support

Obama 's dissipating support among Catholics, women, the young, suburbanites and Jews has been copiously noted, even in the lap-dog palace media. The unintended consequence of B.O's calculated, cynical cash-grab from Hollywood types and wealthy gay hold-outs appears to be the diminution of his support, even in the black community.

At Thursday's meeting of the National Conference of Black Churches, the resistance to B.O.'s pink outreach plan was palpable:

The nine denominations of the Conference of National Black Churches, which reach 10 million people, all oppose gay marriage, said the Rev. Dr. Franklyn Richardson, the group,s chairman.

While conference members profess their love for the shrinking President, Hillary Shelton of the NAACP duly noted that George W. Bush received much greater support from the black community in states with gay marriage referendums on the ballot in 2004. The black ministries are concerned that B.O.'s latest bumble may keep many blacks on the sidelines in November.

How is it possible to come up with a brainstorm stupid enough to keep black Americans on the sidelines in the attempt to re-elect the first black president? Leave it to Barry. The Punahou Puffer is providing Americans with a display of political toxicity never seen before.

No wonder Democrats avoid Toxic Barry like the plague. The Democratic National Committee should start sending out garlic necklaces to its constituents to wear in the event they happen to run into B.O. on his way to a fund-raiser. Who hasn't this political dunce offended yet?

It will be a considerable hill to climb to gain re-election with only the support of illegal aliens, felons, the Sierra Club, the ACLU and Code Pink.

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