NY Times mollycoddles terrorists firing rockets at Israel

In its Sunday, June 24 edition, the New York Times reports the following: "Israeli military officials said 24 rockets from Gaza hit southern Israel on Saturday, part of a weeklong barrage of more than 150; 10 were intercepted. "A school and factory were among the sites hit, and officials urged residents to stay indoors." Sums it up pretty well, don't you think?  Well, not exactly when you read the actual article by Jodi Rudoren and Fares Akram.  It turns out that this two-paragraph summation comprises the 11th and 12th paragraphs of their 12-paragraph piece.  In other words, the real news -- the continued rocket barrage fired by Hamas and other terror groups continues unabated -- is buried. What the Time,s Rudoren and Arkram choose to highlight is iquite different.  Their main focus is on Gaza casualties resulting from Israeli counter-terror strikes on rocket-firing cells. Thus, the headline:  "4 Die in Gaza As Violence Escalates."  The Times' priority...(Read Full Post)