New York City Council stigmatizes sexy female cab riders

Maybe Nanny Bloomberg will require them to wear burqas eventually. The NY Post reports that: "A dozen scantily clad women rallied outside City Hall yesterday, decrying a bill they say prevents beauties wearing skimpy clothes from getting a fair shot at hailing a yellow cab. The proposal, which will soon get Mayor Bloomberg's signature, slaps stiff penalties on cabbies who ferry prostitutes and get a cut of the cash... ...the new bill - which the City Council unanimously passed Wednesday - would require the TLC to both strip a driver's license and slap them with a $10,000 penalty if he's previously been convicted of sex trafficking. On a first offense, a driver goes to a city hearing, where his license could be revoked. The proposal could make cops more willing to arrest drivers who are innocent, said taxi-union boss Fernando Mateo." A group of young, attractive women who work legitimate jobs that require an alluring image joined the protest at New York's City Hall against the pending...(Read Full Post)