Gone With The Wind

Obama has attended 153 fundraisers since he announced his run for reelection.  He is raising the funds to travel to them from our taxes.  He throws in a pseudo real event like a visit to the WTC site to justify his expenditures.  Hey, I used to own Allied Programs Corp. in New York.  I'd fly to France to ski and meet with a client in Paris for lunch so that I could write the whole trip off.  I went to jail for tax evasion. You'd think that Obama could be a little more sophisticated than I was. 

Last night, 6-14-2012, Obama and his wife attended a fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker's and Mathew Broderick's.  Fifty people attended for forty thousand dollars each.  Obama dresses up as a man of the people while he hobnobs with the rich snobs.  He pretends he is a ninety-nine per center while he buddies up to Anna Wintour and Meryl Streep.  Anna has a reputation for bitchiness and Meryl Streep was her surrogate in "The Devil Wears Prada." Obama should stick his nose into his own armpit and smell the stench of pretentiousness. He doesn't recognize stars as rich like Wall Streeters.  He thinks they are magic like Tinkerbell. He wants to use their haloes to lasso in the naïve voters.

Could Obama be so removed from reality and so insulated from popular disapproval that he pals around with rich, mean, snobby white women? I am white and sixty five.  I was a rapper, a boxer and a jail bird. Despite my white skin, I am blacker than Obama. He is trying so hard to be me that his spirit has blanched.

Obama claims that Romney is out of touch with the people while he insulates himself in the refrigerator of stardom.  He flatters the dimwitted stars by saying, "You're the tie-breaker...the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes."  Imagine Meryl Streep walking around saying, "Wow, I'm the tie-breaker."  Why do brilliant actors lack substance? They borrow others'. Obama doesn't say that this country has already gone.  That it has gone in the direction of the nanny state and it encourages dependency rather than excellence and Emersonian self-reliance.  He doesn't say that America has gone with the wind, that the wind is the empty rhetoric of Barack Obama and his failed administration.

For those meager people who can't afford forty thousand dollars, Obama has included a raffle for three dollars.  He calls it "Dinner with Barack."  It sounds like some sort of classy movie, "Dinner at Eight." Obama wants to live in high society while he passes himself off as middle class.  His dinner is his handout to the poor.  That makes him seem concerned for the poor who can't shell out forty grand.  Look at this, Obama wants the riffraff to attend his elegant party.  How noble of him. He is a man of the people. 

Jay Carney mocks Romney for his friendship with Trump.  At least Trump, who is egotistical and clownish, is better than Bon Jovi.  I don't think that Bon Jovi built a mammoth business that provided thousands of jobs. Bon Jovi sang, "It's my life/ It's now or never." If the best he can do with his life is support a failed, pretentious, dishonest Barack Obama, we'd be better off with "never." He promised to be a one term president if he didn't bring unemployment down but once again he lied.  He is fighting for another term with every hors d'oeuvre in the neighborhood.

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