Gone With The Wind

Obama has attended 153 fundraisers since he announced his run for reelection.  He is raising the funds to travel to them from our taxes.  He throws in a pseudo real event like a visit to the WTC site to justify his expenditures.  Hey, I used to own Allied Programs Corp. in New York.  I'd fly to France to ski and meet with a client in Paris for lunch so that I could write the whole trip off.  I went to jail for tax evasion. You'd think that Obama could be a little more sophisticated than I was.  Last night, 6-14-2012, Obama and his wife attended a fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker's and Mathew Broderick's.  Fifty people attended for forty thousand dollars each.  Obama dresses up as a man of the people while he hobnobs with the rich snobs.  He pretends he is a ninety-nine per center while he buddies up to Anna Wintour and Meryl Streep.  Anna has a reputation for bitchiness and Meryl Streep was her surrogate in "The Devil Wears Prada."...(Read Full Post)