Media Discover the Obvious in Obama's 'Dreams'

Although I have not yet gotten a copy of David Maraniss's new Obama biography, Barack Obama: The Story, the advance reviews of it suggest that the media, at least the respectable conservative media, are awakening to the obvious about Barack Obama's 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father.  Writes the estimable Andrew Ferguson in The Weekly Standard, "What's dispiriting is that throughout Dreams, the moments that Obama has invented are precisely the occasions of his epiphanies - precisely those periodic aha! moments that carry the book and bring its author closer to self-discovery. Without them not much is left." The epiphanies to which Ferguson alludes are almost all moments of racial awareness.  As it happens I had written an article a month ago on precisely this theme. "With the help of his muse and co-author, Bill Ayers," I wrote, "Obama wove a series of racial grievances into the narrative to toughen up Obama's life story. These stories aren't "compressed" as Obama claims....(Read Full Post)