Sheila Jackson Lee Declares Rodney King a 'Great Philosopher'

On Friday in response to a Fox News reporter's question about Obamacare, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), a University of Virginia Law graduate, invoked the name of Rodney King calling him a "great philosopher." 

Not since Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) expressed concern that the addition of 8,000 service personnel and their families onto the island of Guam might cause it to tip over have Americans heard such moronic craziness.

Do we really pay the Queen of Racism $174,000 per year?

After Fox's Griff Jenkins told Lee regular citizens are worried that no matter which way the SCOTUS vote goes we may be in for more congressional gridlock, the Texas representative brought up King.

I want to embrace those Americans... in fact when I go home I speak their language and they speak mine I'm quoting the great philosopher Rodney King, "can we all get along?"

To King's credit he did come out after the 1992 riots and ask everyone to get along. In 2009 after decades of alcoholism he went through treatment with Dr. Drew and stayed sober for at least a year. But it's quite a stretch to call this earnest but broken man a great philosopher.

Despite her intellectual limitations Lee understands stoking the race card at every opportunity, especially in the age of Obama, keeps the votes coming in from her dumbed-down constituents.  

The King case is twenty years old but as with her cohorts in the Congressional Black Caucus and the White House, the gentlewoman from Texas can summon the specter of racial incidents which defy the boundaries of space and time.

Race-baiters like Lee are more than willing to use the Rodney Kings and Trayvon Martins to stay in power. It's all they've got. Without school quotas and the race card, they 'got nothin.'

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