President Obama's foreign policy team has it big time -- the fear of making Muslims mad. As Barry Rubin argues, President Obama's foreign policy is basically to go after al Qaeda and pussy-foot with other Islamic supremacist fronts from the Taliban to the Muslim Brotherhood to Turkish Islamism. The administration does not act against any other possible national security threat [other than al-Qaeda] be it Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela, North Korea, China, Russia, Pakistan, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Turkish Islamist regime, the Muslim Brotherhood, or anything else. The administration has shown its belief that engagement, flattery, refusal to help their intended victims, and concessions can win over these enemies. It has even tried to redefine the Taliban as a group that can be conciliated and given a share in a new Afghan government, despite its involvement in September 11. Obama's tough guy act is strictly to beat up on the weakest dog in the pack and suck-up to the top dogs for fear of...(Read Full Post)