If they can do this to their own, what would they do to us?

As Israel, along with the rest of the world, watches its vicious next door neighbor Syria slaughtering its own citizens the Israeli Defense Forces' Deputy Chief of General Staff, Yair Naveh, gave voice to what many are thinking.

"What the Syrians are doing to their own people they would do to us if they got the chance."

But of course they are not "their own people"; Syria, an artificial country, is really a diverse and multi cultural, to use gooey politically correct terms, entity of Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Alawites and Kurds (most of the Jews managed to flee) all living uneasily together in their enclaves under the brutal rule of the minority Alawite Assad family. Then the Arab Spring reached Syria and now it is tribe v tribe, with shifting alliances. About the only ideal that still unites all Syria is hatred of Israel.

As Naveh further explained, Israel, indeed the entire world, has reason to be concerned.

"Syria today has the largest chemical weapons stockpile in our neighborhood. These missiles can reach any point in Israel and therefore we must remain vigilant."

The deputy chief of staff's comments reflect a growing concern within the Israeli military in recent months that weapons of mass destruction, particularly chemical weapons stashed in large quantities in Syria, will fall into the hands of rebels and then terrorist groups. (snip)

The IDF is concerned that more lethal and advanced weapons could be transferred from Syria to Hezbollah if the Syrian leadership finds itself in a desperate situation. A senior defense official told Israel Hayom in March that the transfer of chemical weapons from Syria to Hezbollah would be tantamount to a declaration of war, and added that Israel would not accept such a move and would take action to prevent it.

Syria has transferred advanced weapons to Hezbollah control in recent years, but the weapons have remained on Syrian soil in accordance with Assad's instructions, to avoid their possible destruction by Israel. With the increasing belief that Assad's rule is expected to end in the near future, some analysts have warned he may decide to transfer arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon. (snip)

Syria is believed to possess the world's largest stockpile of chemical weapons, including some of the deadliest chemical agents known, such as sarin and the nerve agent VX. Their chemical agents have already been integrated in warheads mounted on advanced Scud missiles.

Meanwhile, the chemical weapons in recently "liberated" Libya are still officially missing. Nuclear Iran and chemically armed terrorist groups. If these countries can think of using them against their own neighboring enemies what would keep them from using them against the Big and Little Satans?