Jesse Jackson Jr. takes leave from Congress for 'exhaustion'

Everyone knows how exhausting it is to be a congressman from a safe district. Everyone also knows that the prospect of an indictment on corruption charges can really sap the energy. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s office has announced that the poor congressman is just worn out from...his crushing workload. Abdon M. Pallasch  and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times report: "On Sunday, June 10th, Congressman Jesse L. Jackson Jr. went on a medical leave of absence and is being treated for exhaustion. He asks that you respect his family's privacy. His offices remain open to serve residents of the Second District." The son of the famed civil rights leader is facing a Congressional ethics investigation concerning allegations tied to the Rod Blagojevich corruption case. Just last week, a fund-raiser in the middle of the Jackson saga - Raghuveer Nayak - was arrested by federal authorities in an unrelated alleged fraud scheme. Jackson was already on his leave by then, and his attorney, Paul...(Read Full Post)