And the winner of the world's most spectacularly failed state is...

Drum roll, please...

It's Somalia by a landslide.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo finishes a distant second.

Using a unique methodology, the Fund For Peace (courtesy of Foreign Policy Magazine) has ranked the world's nations based on a variety of factors including "mounting demographic pressures," "Vengeance seeking group grievance," "economic decline," and other factors that make up a failed state.

We can't duplicate the map here because it's copyrighted. But FP has an interactive map where you can move the cursor over any nation to see their ranking.

Afghanistan is ranked 6th worst while Iraq comes in at 9th (at least they beat Zimbabwe which is 5th). It will please you to know that the US is ranked 159th. But that's 10 spots below Canada and 18 spots below the winner - or, in this case, the loser - Finland.

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