It's Not Obama's Color

Since before Obama took office and until the present, the narrative has been and is: if you oppose anything he does, there must be an underlying racist motive to your opposition.  And if there's not underlying racism, as you claim, then you must agree with everything he does. Those who wave the flag of progress in the face of America-in-decline -- and in defense of this president -- do so behind accusations that common sense, hard working Americans of all colors (e.g. Tea Party Patriots) are displaying their anger toward Barack Obama simply because he's black. And no matter how long these accusations go unproven or how many times they are actually disproven, they continue to raise the cry of racism.  MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry took the discussion of racism in America to new heights of absurdity (link to the story on The Blaze here) last week describing America's response to the attacks on 9/11... Americans in part identify who we are, and who deserves what, through our...(Read Full Post)