Gallup: Public sharply divided over healthcare ruling

This is strange because the law is still as unpopular as ever. Evidently, the Supreme Court's ruling ends the debate for a lot of people simply out of respect for the institution. Americans are sharply divided over Thursday's Supreme Court decision on the 2010 healthcare law, with 46% agreeing and 46% disagreeing with the high court's ruling that the law is constitutional. Democrats widely hail the ruling, most Republicans pan it, and independents are closely divided. [...] When asked what they want Congress to do now that the high court has upheld the 2010 law, 31% say they would repeal the law entirely and 21% would keep the law in place but repeal parts of it. A quarter of Americans swing in the other direction, saying they would like Congress to pass legislation to expand the government's role in healthcare beyond what the current law does. Thirteen percent want to keep the law in place and do nothing further. Views on this question are highly partisan, with 65% of...(Read Full Post)