Now you stay classy BFD Democrats

The Democrats are continuing with their high minded, new civility post the Obamacare Supreme Court decision. Not to mention continuing their ongoing war denigrating women.

Following the sophisticated tweet from the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee, Patrick Gaspard, President Barack Hussein Obama (D) tweeted


Still a BFD: OFA.BO/ayPgAZ

To further emphasize what a BFD passing Obamacare means to the Democrats the Obama-Biden re election campaign site offers their followers a 100% cotton, made in the USA, unisex Health Reform Still a BFD tee shirt on for only $30.

Uhm, and just what does BFD mean? Let enlighten you.

What is BFD?
BFD is "Big F***ing Deal"


As Obama said, "Forward!"