Bloggers honor Breitbart at RightOnline Vegas conference

Conservative bloggers opened their RightOnline conference in Las Vegas with a tribute to the late Andrew Brietbart. "Andrew will be missed terribly, as he has been at all grassroots conservative gatherings since his untimely passing," Guy Benson, the political editor for, told POLITICO. "The sadness over his loss, though, is ultimately eclipsed by a collective sense of resolve to carry out his legacy. So I doubt the mood will stay somber for too long. Andrew was a lot of things - somber wasn't one of them." Surely, the guerrilla journalist's legacy will be on attendees' minds all weekend. "His absence is noted. These are his friends. We're all his friends," reflected American Conservative Union board member Suhail Khan. "He was larger than life. He was a very remarkable example of a citizen-patriot, who took the conservative cause seriously.... He really embodied Reagan's example of a happy warrior." Breitbart died of heart failure on Mar. 1 while walking in his...(Read Full Post)