Playing golf is one of President Obama's favorite pastimes, maybe his favorite one of all. In the three and a half years he's been in office he's played 99 rounds of golf, a far higher number than any of his predecessors. The time spent travelling to various golf courses and playing golf works out to approximately four months, all at taxpayers expense and all time which he could have spent attending to his Presidential duties and obligations. He has also taken a great deal of time off on holidays and vacations and cost American taxpayers a fortune in travel and security costs.

Obama has been mocked and criticized for abusing his office like this, for spending so much time and so much money on personal recreation instead of on carrying out his Presidential responsibilities. I say thank goodness he's done it.

Obama is arguably the worst President in American history and his Presidency has been disastrous for America and Americans in virtually every way imaginable. Think of how much more damage he could have caused if he was at his desk instead of playing golf or gallivanting around on holidays and vacations. His Presidency has been bad enough but it would have been much, much worse if he spent more time at it. After all, every minute he spent, spends, playing golf or on holiday or vacation is a minute he doesn't spend doing something that damages the country. Golf may or may not come naturally to Obama (given his penchant for secrecy and obfuscation we'll never know) but doing damage to the country obviously does. All you have to do is look at his personality and ideology, his performance and track record to see that

The American people will no doubt vote him out of office in November's Presidential election and consign him and his Presidency to a footnote of history. Until then here's hoping that he spends as much time playing golf or on holiday or vacation as he possibly can. Its going to be difficult enough for his successor to clean up his mess and the more time he spends at his desk before he loses the next election the bigger the mess there will be to clean up. Bizarre as it sounds, the more time he spends away from his desk the better for everyone.

Hey Barack, keep your eye on the ball. The golf ball.