Top Russian military man threatens preemptive strike

When Nikolai Makarov was born, the ruler of Russia was Josef Stalin.  Makarov spent his entire life in the Soviet and Russian military, rising through the ranks to ultimately be named, by proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin, head of the Russian army and then of Russia's version of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Last week, he threatened to blow the USA's defensive missile systems in Europe to smithereens in a preemptive strike. He stated in response to news reports regarding progress in European missile defense: "A decision to use destructive force preemptively will be taken if the situation worsens." Mind you, these are merely defensive systems, and their avowed purpose is to protect Europe from nuclear terrorism springing from Iran.  So Makarov is saying to the Europe:  You must remain vulnerable to obliteration by Iran so that Russia, too, can be sure of being able to obliterate you at any need.  Otherwise, Russia will just have to obliterate you right now. In other...(Read Full Post)