Imam burns lesbian

Geert Wilder's new book, Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me, mentions a fairly recent horribly barbaric incident. Geert Wilders states, on page 51:

"In October 2009, 18-year-old Laila Achichi was burned alive by her parents and an 'exorcist' in Antwerp, Belgium, because she was a lesbian."

There is also a footnote reference to an article on the internet. It is written in Dutch and has a photo of the young woman in better days, as well as 34 comments. Since I do not read that language, the services of Google Translate were used to glean these additional statements from the article itself:

Antwerp 'imam' in prison for torture and manslaughter

The death of the Moroccan Laila Achichi (18) in Antwerp is still no accident. A suspect is in jail. He probably caused the severe burns that the girl died.

The 18-year-old Laila Achichi was on 10 October in a house in the Maasstraat in the Antwerp district Dam found with third degree burns. CPR to no avail. It soon became clear that it was not suicide. [...]

The man would have Laila subject to some kind of ritual. An exorcism? A cleaning? The fact is that he pretty drastic work is gone. One keeps on "voodoo-like scenes", the other on "Medieval practices with fire and a toxic liquid." But why exactly? Because the lesbian orientation of Laila, rages within the Moroccan community.

This past Thursday in midtown Manhattan, I came across a street theater protest by PETA, condemning the air cargo shipment of monkeys from Africa to be used in laboratory experiments in the U.S. and Canada. People were dressed in monkey suits and placed in small cages on the sidewalk. The brochure PETA gave out spoke of monkeys being "torn away from their families in the wild" and being given a "one-way ticket to Hell." Laila Achichi of Antwerp was given a "one-way ticket to Hell" by not being able to tear away from her family.

Now that Mr. Wilders' Marked for Death is published in America, will the National Organization of Women and various gay groups be protesting the burning of Laila Achichi? Will we hear from Queers for Palestine? We all await the condemnations and protests -- but without holding our collective breath.