Imam burns lesbian

Geert Wilder's new book, Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me, mentions a fairly recent horribly barbaric incident. Geert Wilders states, on page 51: "In October 2009, 18-year-old Laila Achichi was burned alive by her parents and an 'exorcist' in Antwerp, Belgium, because she was a lesbian." There is also a footnote reference to an article on the internet. It is written in Dutch and has a photo of the young woman in better days, as well as 34 comments. Since I do not read that language, the services of Google Translate were used to glean these additional statements from the article itself: Antwerp 'imam' in prison for torture and manslaughter The death of the Moroccan Laila Achichi (18) in Antwerp is still no accident. A suspect is in jail. He probably caused the severe burns that the girl died. The 18-year-old Laila Achichi was on 10 October in a house in the Maasstraat in the Antwerp district Dam found with third degree burns. CPR to no avail. It soon became clear...(Read Full Post)