Tip of the iceberg

This McClatchy article on the perks and bloated salaries of union leaders is just the tip of the iceberg. I daresay if rank and file members knew how their bosses live high off the hog on their dues, resentment would be widespread. To wit: Life is good at the top of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers. The union, with its headquarters in Kansas City, Kan., represents about 59,000 workers in the U.S. and Canada who make and repair boilers, fit pipes and work on ships and power plants. The recession has hit their trade hard, reducing union membership. At the same time, the president's salary has surged 67 percent in the past six years, not counting a recent raise. Add in travel and some other expenses, and Newton B. Jones received more than $600,000 last year, putting him at the absolute top of the presidents of the dozen biggest unions in the country. Many relatives of union officers also ride...(Read Full Post)