Truth in Labeling: Why Not Just Call The Media Democrats?

Why not just label the media Democrats?  A crucial election is coming and it is time for conservatives to play smash mouth with the Democratic media machine.   The self-proclaimed objective media need to be called out and repositioned as Democrats.  The New York Times Democrat (NYTD), the Washington Post Democrat (WaPoD), the Associated Press Democrat (APD), CBSD, ABCD, 60 Democratic Minutes, George Stepanoplous Democrat, David Gregory Democrat,...   The Democrats enormous media advantage needs to be minimized.

The premise of every interview or report in the Democrat media is of a fair and objective "reporter" interviewing a public official or reporting on a topic.   The reality is when a Republican is interviewed or a Republican position is reported, it is actually a Democrat interviewing or reporting on the issue.  By contrast, when a Democrat is being interviewed or an issue is being reported, the premise is that a fair and objective reporter is interviewing or reporting, the reality is a Democrat is interviewing or reporting on the issue.  This opportunity for Democratic reporters to slant their coverage without explicitly revealing their prejudice is enormous.  Common tricks that reporters use to slant a story are the selection of facts, which "experts" are called upon for quotes, adjectives describing people or events, and many more.  An explicit label or repositioning of the reporter and media outlet would be a constant reminder to a busy public that the information being supplied is actually from a partisan Democrat parading as fair and objective reporter.  The public will be able assign their own context and weight to the story based on the bias of the reporting source.  Over time the Democratic media's power and influence will greatly diminish.

Efforts to explicitly reposition the media may be surprisingly well accepted by the American people.   They are aware of the bias but probably don't give sufficient weight to just how bad it is.  According to Rasmussen in a June 2008 survey, 21% of Americans perceived the press as conservative while 54% perceived the press at liberals.   By a margin of over two to one the American people are aware of the reality, but may not sufficiently discount the reporting of the Democratic media.  Constant labeling of the major media as part of the Democrat machine will over time reduce their influence and increase the public's skepticism of their reporting.

In Mark Bowden's book Killing Pablo, he talks about how law enforcement was finally able to take down drug king pin Pablo Escobar by taking down his support network.   A focused effort to reposition the major media will weaken one of the main pillars of the Democratic Party.    

Congratulations New York Times Democrat, ABC Democrat, NBC Democrat, AP Democrat, Brian Williams Democrat, Diane Sawyer Democrat, and who could forget Washington Post Democrat!  Be proud you've earned your new titles.