Obama's Kenyan birth claim: The Kgosie Matthews factor

Have you ever noticed how some white Americans go all giddy around some pompous ass with a British accent?   I suspect that in the late 1980s Obama saw that some Chicago blacks acted the same way around educated black African immigrants.   It was during this period that those like Jesse Jackson were pushing to have the collective moniker "African American" replace "black" in polite circles, and all things genuinely African were golden.   An African birth would be the in thing on Chicago's South Side, where Obama was fashioning his political future.  One of those Chicago Blacks who went weak in the knees around a genuine African was Obama's Hyde Park neighbor and fellow progressive, State Representative Carol Moseley Braun.  It actually became an issue late in Moseley Braun's 1992 US Senate race and was a large factor in her subsequent failure to get reelected in 1998.   After her upset primary win in 1988 she hired on Kgosie Matthews, an...(Read Full Post)