Mr. Biden, I'm 'Absolutely Comfortable' with Mothers and Fathers

I'm comfortable with, and like, the idea of having both mothers and fathers in our society.  And I'm equally supportive of the idea that, where possible, we should strive as a society to ensure that mothers and fathers are a part of the life of each and every child. Where mothers or fathers are absent, a hole exists, and as a concerned society, we seek to rally around that child with mother and father figures.  Popular programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters are an example of our society's concern in this regard and its work to fill those holes as best as we can.  In fact, according to BBBS's own statistics on its website, children involved in their programs are more confident in school; get along better with their families; and are 46 percent less likely to begin using drugs, 27 percent less likely to abuse alcohol, and 52 percent less likely to skip school.  Yes, mothers and mother figures, as well as fathers and father figures, do make a difference. Given these...(Read Full Post)