Vote Fraud Threatens Our Nation

I have recently concluded an extensive vote fraud study, at Accuracy in Media. This is a document that should be widely read and shared. Following are key findings:

  • Voter registration fraud, as practiced by ACORN, is a swamping method that utilizes the enabling legislation of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. The NVRA was written by Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward, and was the end point of a decade of field work they conducted through the organization they founded for the task: The Human Service Employees Registration and Voter Education Fund (Human SERVE).
  • ACORN's swamping method has been adopted, and is now utilized widely by the Left, especially in key races. It was used most recently in the recall effort against Governor Scott Walker. Fortunately someone was watching.
  • The NVRA was designed to facilitate low income registration and was not at all focused on preventing vote fraud. In fact, the registration methods dictated by the NVRA invite fraud. This was likely a covert strategy of the law, though Cloward and Piven did not admit that publicly, unlike with their earlier "Weight of the Poor" study, where they made their crisis strategy goals explicit.
  • The NVRA's procedures for purging voter rolls are complex, multi-year, multi-election cycle processes. This may have been deliberate as well. In some cases NVRA procedures replaced more effective methods used by states. The Holder Justice Department has imposed an explicit policy of not cleaning voter rolls, because it won't increase turnout.
  • The NVRA's complex requirements make compliance difficult, inviting countless lawsuits, which groups like ACORN and Project Vote then use to browbeat state agencies into becoming de facto low income voter registration drives, while diverting resources and attention away from maintaining integrity of the vote.
  • The NVRA facilitates vote fraud because:
    • a. Large number of registrations makes verification of valid ones difficult
    • b. Many states allow illegals to obtain driver's licenses. The NVRA requires that license applications double as voter registrations, guaranteeing many illegals will be registered
    • c. Fraudulent registrants can use absentee ballots to vote
    • d. Most states allow "provisional voting" where proving one's legal right to vote is not required. Those provisional votes can be verified later but usually aren't.
  • The NVRA was an intermediate step created to build political momentum for their final demand: universal voter registration. The endless lawsuits, compliance demands and registration swamping are devices which, in addition to facilitating actual vote fraud, build pressure to find an easier solution. Following Alinsky's Rule #11 "The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative," the Left's alternative is Universal Voter Registration.
  • Actual vote fraud, which has been greatly enabled by the NVRA, is used extensively in targeted swing states and critical elections.
  • Vote fraud occurs most frequently in low income areas, in some places it is epidemic. This is because low income areas are least likely to be closely monitored, are frequented by people used to high crime, and more likely to avert their eyes or participate if they see advantage.
  • Capitalizing on the "racism" narrative, unscrupulous democrats decry voter integrity efforts directed in these neighborhoods as "voter suppression," often accompanied by frivolous lawsuits with the goal of discouraging future efforts.


Cloward, Piven, ACORN and other leftist strategists are always looking for ways to systematize their manufactured crisis strategies, preferably making government foot the bill.

With the first Cloward Piven Strategy it was a guaranteed national income. They know as well as we do that such a policy is unsustainable, but if codified in law, would guarantee that government would eventually collapse of its own weight. They could just sit back and watch.

With the second Crisis strategy, it was low-cost housing, codified in the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act, and strengthened by FIRREA and the 1992 GSE Act. The GSE Act was written covertly by ACORN. Between the two of them, the CRA and GSE laws facilitated the subprime mortgage meltdown at the heart of our financial crisis. Total CRA loans have exceeded $6 trillion. And Obama and the Democrats are still pushing them!

The third strategy was voting, an endeavor initiated by Cloward and Piven in 1982 with creation of Human SERVE. The final goal was universal registration and the NVRA was created to facilitate it.

The carrot was UVR's simplicity. Any name on any government database would automatically be registered to vote. Government would no longer have to comply with endless NVRA rules and deal with relentless lawsuits from ACORN-like groups. The stick was continued vote swamping, lawsuits and chaos.

Like everything the Left does, however, UVR was not designed to make things easier for anyone except the Left. UVR would automatically create duplicate and triplicate voter registrations for anyone with their name on more than one government database, including illegals.

For the Left however, it would be a big win. They would no longer have to expend time and money engaging in legal battles and conduct the expensive, time-consuming, ugly and unsavory mass voter registration drives for which ACORN and now other groups have become notorious. The government would do it all for them, and guarantee 100 plus percent of their favorite demographic in the process!

UVR would systematize registration fraud and guarantee endless opportunities for vote fraud.

But even this is not the last step. As David Horowitz tells us, "The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution." The Left now wants to institute the socialism they have been working toward for 100 years. They believe the final goal is in sight. But even with 100 percent of their demographic registered and voting two or three times each, the Left's rising unpopularity may not guarantee them the unchallengeable majorities they require to accomplish this.

The final step is amnesty. With that, the Left will have its needed majority. When this occurs, we are toast. Obama has already unscrupulously begun to facilitate a policy of back-door amnesty.

Without strong voter ID laws and other voter integrity efforts nationwide, this may well be the last free election the United States of America ever sees.

If there is any place where assistance is needed, it is at the polls to ensure voter integrity. Volunteer to become a poll watcher or election judge. This is the most important thing you can do this year. Join True The Vote, and get involved! There is no excuse to sit this one out.

A test is upcoming. Expect to see widespread vote fraud in the recall election of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker this June 5th. The public employee unions, their Democrat political dependents and the Occupiers are directing extensive resources to win this critical election.

The Democrat favorite is Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, currently running neck-and-neck with Walker in opinion polls. Barrett faces a primary May 8th, this coming Tuesday, against former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk but looks like the easy winner.

In what may be a deception strategy, unions - which have become very unpopular in Wisconsin after their ugly behavior last year - have publicly backed Falk. Barrett has nominally distanced himself from unions during the campaign, but that is purely for show. No Democrat intending to remain in politics will ever cross unions. It is political suicide.

Almost as if on cue, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka chimed in on C-SPAN Friday, "After the [primary] election they'll come together and they'll take out, I think we'll take out Scott Walker..." What a choice of words, too. Notably Barrett recently obtained the endorsement of the state's largest police union.

All efforts right now should be directed to assuring a Walker win in Wisconsin. Reince Priebus promised the RNC would do everything it could to support Walker. Let's hope they are keeping their word.

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