Is Obama Leader Of The Free World?

"Leader of the free world "has been popping up from disparate sources referring to Barack Obama. Michelle Obama used it on the quiz show Jeopardy just last week. No, she was not a contestant. Her husband's re-election campaign purchased categories on the popular program. Michele read questions recorded on camera concerning her association with the campaign to combat obesity. Joe Biden followed the next evening touting auto companies bailed out by the Obama "stimulus." (Yes Jeopardy  fans, the show sells product sponsorships for entire categories without disclosure -- in this case the Obama brand). On NPR May 12, a reference to Obama's free world leader status was uttered by gay activist and author Armistead Maupin, who appears to have stoked his star-making machinery apparatus to trumpet approval for Obama's "historic" approval of gay marriage. Maupin, (I know him since we share the same home town) is a San Francisco-based author who rose to national attention in the early 1970s...(Read Full Post)