Documentary on Fast and Furious Scandal in Production Phase

An Emmy award-winning filmmaker has decided he cannot stay silent in the face of a massive cover-up by the media complex and the Obama administration.

The magnitude of the government's involvement in Operation Fast and Furious has roused documentarian Michael J. McNulty to stand up and call out the bad guys. Attorney General Eric Holder will figure prominently in McNulty's feature length documentary, "Blood On Their Hands." 

McNulty was already familiar with Holder. In an interview on McNulty stated, "Eric's been busy in the cover up business for 20 years. We sorta know how he operates." 

Holder had become Janet Reno's number two at Justice the same year McNulty's1997 Oscar- nominated film "Waco: The Rules of Engagement" was released. When Reno recused herself from a 1999 special investigation of the 1993 raid on the Branch Davidian compound, Holder took over. 

According to McNulty he wants the Fast and Furious film to
answer one simple question:

Why would the Attorney General of the United States give our money and assault weapons to Mexican drug cartel members all in the name of the American people's government?

McNulty says he's fed up with a press corps who has ignored a story involving murder, drugs and the sale of automatic weapons. 

I've sat and watched this mess percolate for the better part of the year.

On the grunt level, the guy behind the camera ... you find a genuine enthusiasm for the story and pursuing it..It's the assignment editor who starts the ball rolling. It ain't happening at that level. I suspect the marching orders the assignment editors get is, 'leave it alone.'

When this all shakes out in the end Holder and company won't be the only ones with blood on their hands. How about a criminally silent media?

David Codrea of Gun Rights Examiner, who's also part of the film's production team, suggests his readers go to McNulty's website and ask themselves, "how outraged are you really?" It's a serious question which compels us to take action.

McNulty has faith he can wrap up "Blood on their Hands" in time for the November elections. Perhaps even earlier. Let's hope so.

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