Anarchy isn't as easy as it looks

The wealthy, over educated, unemployed--because they're "occupying" isn't a paid position--1% occupiers are fading and failing because as Harrison Schultz, the proud "Anarchist, General Co-Organizer at Occupy Wall Street" according to his LinkedIn profile, whined, during an absolutely unintentionally hilarious interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity Thursday night, (transcript);(video) HARRISON SCHULTZ, "OCCUPY" PARTICIPANT: We never left. We were just tired. I mean, anarchy isn't easy. This is a lot of work. We had to hibernate for awhile, but today we are resurging. The energy is really good out in the streets. Yeah, hanging out all day, begging, fending off people who actually have to go to work is really tiring, hard labor. But since it was all done for the good of the selfish 1% of the population who indulge in occupy it was well worth it. And so the interview went. Hannity supplied Schultz enough of Lenin's capitalist rope for Schultz to verbally hang himself which Schultz...(Read Full Post)