Anarchy isn't as easy as it looks

The wealthy, over educated, unemployed--because they're "occupying" isn't a paid position--1% occupiers are fading and failing because as Harrison Schultz, the proud "Anarchist, General Co-Organizer at Occupy Wall Street" according to his

LinkedIn profile, whined, during an absolutely unintentionally hilarious interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity Thursday night, (transcript);(video)

HARRISON SCHULTZ, "OCCUPY" PARTICIPANT: We never left. We were just tired. I mean, anarchy isn't easy. This is a lot of work. We had to hibernate for awhile, but today we are resurging. The energy is really good out in the streets.

Yeah, hanging out all day, begging, fending off people who actually have to go to work is really tiring, hard labor. But since it was all done for the good of the selfish 1% of the population who indulge in occupy it was well worth it.

And so the interview went. Hannity supplied Schultz enough of Lenin's capitalist rope for Schultz to verbally hang himself which Schultz obligingly did, complaining all the way.

Asked why the occupiers had to have a "rape-free zone tent" in New York's private Zuccotti Park, Schultz calmly replied

SCHULTZ: The NYPD was sending rapists down to the park.

HANNITY: So the NYPD -- do you have any evidence about this?

SCHULTZ: This was in the NY Times, New York Times.

HANNITY: I asked you a question -- the New York Times said that the police sent rapists to rape women down there?

SCHULTZ: They sent alcoholics. They sent offenders. They sent people who were convicted of rapes.

HANNITY: Do you have any evidence to back it up --

SCHULTZ: I can give testimony. I didn't bring my files with me, but you can check this out --

HANNITY: The New York Police Department brought rapists in and as a result women were raped so a special rape protective zone was set up?

SCHULTZ: You got to admit, it was a really cynical, really effective tactic on the part of the authorities. They knew that we wouldn't turn people away because we like to help people, like Christians should -- even though most of us are not Christian.

HANNITY: You sound paranoid.

SCHULTZ: They definitely exploited a lot of our values and turned it against us and sent people that we tried to help --

Although he once had a real job in the evil capitalist world and claims to be looking for one that meets his needs, Schultz is presently unemployed. So where does Schultz get money for his anarchist, occupying activities? As he puts it

SCHULTZ: My funding is certainly running low.

HANNITY: Where does the funding come from, the school or the government?

SCHULTZ: Yes. It's very complicated. I don't fully understand it myself.

HANNITY: So it comes from the government and the school.

SCHULTZ: I guess so?

HANNITY: I guess so, you don't even know. So people give you money to pay for your school and you have no idea. Where do you think it comes from?

SCHULTZ: They charge interest back on it.

HANNITY: You expect a loan for free? Should you have free school, free college?

SCHULTZ: People should have free education.

HANNITY: And free health care?

SCHULTZ: Absolutely.

HANNITY: And free dental care?

SCHULTZ: Yes, I could use some free dental care.

HANNITY: And if you have children and you need day care, should the government give you day care?


HANNITY: And the government should give you a house to live in?

SCHULZ: What are you trying to lure me into right now?

HANNITY: Should the government give you a house? Give you transportation to get to work?

SCHULTZ: Yes, basic necessities such as these things shouldn't even be given to us by the government. The government and corporations should get off our backs, stop enslaving us through debt, so we can actually do those things that you just said.

HANNITY: Who is going to pay for your house, car, dental care, health care, education, who pays for that?

SCHULTZ: Nobody! It's all (INAUDIBLE). Nobody's paying for it.

HANNITY: Everything's free.

SCHULTZ: We are getting to that point. That's exactly where capitalism is heading seriously --

HANNITY: Everything is free!

SCHULTZ: Seriously, this is crazy.

HANNITY: You don't work. You get free money for school and you are complaining and whining --

SCHULTZ: Companies like Google, the most successful companies, they give away their products for and services for free, right? So people like us, we spend all of our time working on these social networks, providing content on social networks that they sell for ad space, we work.

HANNITY: I have a suggestion for you --

SCHULTZ: Goods and services, capitalism is becoming increasingly free. My suggestion to you is you should listen because I am telling you some pretty futuristic crazy stuff right now.

So, if everything is free and "nobody's paying for it" because "capitalism is becoming increasingly free" capitalism sounds pretty good to me. Apparently Schultz was inadvertently endorsing capitalism, the free market, because, while not free, the goods and services such as Google are given so even the poorest in the US have access to them.

And Schultz and his cohorts will work for free for the capitalist companies that formerly paid him.