WaPo: bouquets for Palestinians, brick bats for Israel

Funny how the Washington Post tilts the scales against Israel by selectively reporting developments that put Israel in the dock, while ignoring Palestinian misdeeds. Two examples of this unbalanced coverage pop up in an article by Jerusalem correspondent Karin Brulliard about how Israel blocked hundreds of anti-Israel troublemakers from flying en masse to Ben-Gurion Airport and thence head to Bethlehem to gin up pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel protests ("Israel denies entry to activists - Move Gets Plenty of Media Attention - Limited West Bank access was focus of protest" page A5, April 16). Example No. 1-The Post and other foreign media cited comments about the fly-in by Ben-Dror Yemini, a columnist in the Maariv newspaper. Here's what he actually said: "The Israeli government should exploit the arrival of the activists to expose the nature of the organizers that invited them, groups that oppose a two-state solution of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, but support the establishment...(Read Full Post)