NY Times' obsession with settlements

The overriding focus of this week's New York Times coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the eviction of a Jewish family from a house they had purchased from a Palestinian seller in Hebron. In back-to-back articles on April 4 and April 5, Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner has given this development top play.  In her latest dispatch, she reports that coupled with the eviction of this settler family, Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that the government will continue to strengthen Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria "according to the law." ("Israel Doesn't Let Eviction Slow Push for Settlement" April 5, page A9.) Kershner jumps on Bibi's statement with her own comment that Bibi's support for settlements "complicates any prospect of renewed peace talks." Never mind that Jewish settlements in the Sinai proved no obstacle to an Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.  When Israel found a real peace partner, uprooting settlements proved no problem. Never mind that...(Read Full Post)