Komen Foundation's Planned Parenthood Dilemma

By now, most of America has heard of the debacle of The Susan G. Komen Foundation unsuccessfully attempting to stop funding Planned Parenthood and focus more on breast cancer research and education.  Twenty-four hours after announcing they would no longer be sending donated money to Planned Parenthood, the Komen Foundation reversed its decision, bending under pressure and aggressive attacks of pro-abortion groups and the liberal media. Now begins the season of the Race for Cure events around the country; and pro-life groups are organizing to fight for the defunding of Planned Parenthood.  Sunday, April 22nd, was the Race for the Cure in Ocean City Maryland, raising thousands of dollars for Komen Foundation.  While the oppressive cold rain may have deterred some racers, the pro-life demonstrators continued to protest abortion funding throughout the race. In the midst of this race, the controversial decision to fund Planned Parenthood came to the forefront, with pro-life...(Read Full Post)