Is the Obama re-election campaign getting desperate?

How desperate is the campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama (D) getting? This desperate!     THROW BO A BONE on his ANNIVERSARY It's a promise Barack made to his daughters-that if he won the election in November 2008, he would buy them their long-awaited puppy. On April 14th, 2009, Barack followed through on his promise to Malia and Sasha-the Obamas welcomed Bo into their home. Now he's got three years under his collar as the First Dog. This April, wish Bo Obama a happy anniversary as a member of the First Family. Yes, right on the official Obama-Biden (must not forget the latter) site First Dog Bo invites you to opt in to the campaign. So if you're still clinging to your dog--and not dining on it--sign up the doggone animal. This desperate! Struggling Obama super-PAC asks Clinton for help Priorities USA, a super-PAC focused on reelecting President Obama, has asked former President Bill Clinton to help them pick up the pace on fundraising. Democratic donors have...(Read Full Post)