I Hardly Know Myself

On April 8th my wife and I went to lunch at the St. Regis.  It is my favorite restaurant.  It is elegant.  It is swell.  A harpist serenades the not-so-young, well-coiffed people in the room.   My wife said to me in her best Jackie Kennedy voice, "It's Easter Sunday.  There's a service at 6:00.  I want you to take me." "Sure.  Sure," I said.  But the idea didn't appeal to me.  I don't like crowds.  I don't like being lectured at.  Yet someone has to support the church if just to spite the atheists and secularists.  I am a natural born agnostic.  But the atheists' activism has made me want to support religion.  I am a Jew but I feel warmth towards Christianity. It seems to be the last bastion against Islamism.  So I decided I would make an attempt to go to church with my wife even though I was allergic to crowds. When atheists and Democrats boo Tim Tebow I want to run out into the field and kneel with...(Read Full Post)