You are what you buy

As the gender battle in the ongoing President Barack Hussein Obama Democratic class war continues let's turn for relief--and simultaneously stimulate the economy--by going shopping. Online.

At the Republican National Committee site there is a new item--a Moms Do Work travel mug, perfect for the working (wo)man both in and out of the home. There is also a Cooking Right apron and spatula set; with adjustable straps and the right size it could fit either gender. Topping it all--a GOP camouflage hat. In addition there are the usual buttons and stickers plus a Peace Through Strength tee shirt, a blue hoodie and other gear, all with a Republican elephant logo.

Among the offerings from Democrats are Democratic Woman tote bags available in two different color combinations where " you can share all that Democratic Women really are: strong, determined, smart, generous and so much more. This bag is union-printed and made in the USA." Perfect for carrying work related items or maybe beach stuff, perhaps the Democrats won't get too annoyed if converted to a diaper bag filled with environmentally correct disposables.

There is no comparable Democratic Man tote so we don't know what or who the Democratic Men really are. The Democratic Woman tee comes with the same boast; again a comparable Democratic Man tee is not available although crew neck shirts for either gender are available as are Barbara Jordan, Robert F. Kennedy and Woodrow Wilson tee shirts emblazoned with their respective signature statements.

Mixing and matching would certainly bring America together--the camo cap might go nicely with the Wilson shirt.