You are what you buy

As the gender battle in the ongoing President Barack Hussein Obama Democratic class war continues let's turn for relief--and simultaneously stimulate the economy--by going shopping. Online. At the Republican National Committee site there is a new item--a Moms Do Work travel mug, perfect for the working (wo)man both in and out of the home. There is also a Cooking Right apron and spatula set; with adjustable straps and the right size it could fit either gender. Topping it all--a GOP camouflage hat. In addition there are the usual buttons and stickers plus a Peace Through Strength tee shirt, a blue hoodie and other gear, all with a Republican elephant logo. Among the offerings from Democrats are Democratic Woman tote bags available in two different color combinations where " you can share all that Democratic Women really are: strong, determined, smart, generous and so much more. This bag is union-printed and made in the USA." Perfect for carrying work related items or maybe beach stuff,...(Read Full Post)