WaPo's trifecta

The Washington Post today hit a trifecta when it comes to anti-Israel spin. Picking up the March 31 edition of the Washington Post, readers immediately would be shocked to see above the fold on the front page a dramatic,  four-column photograph of Israeli soldiers using pepper spray in Jerusalem to subdue an Arab protester who's writhing in pain.  The photo, under the headline "Protesters, Israeli forces at odds on Land day," imparts an irresistible impression that Israel is using brute force against a hapless Palestinian.  The bad guys are the Israeli border police; the victim is an Arab, described in the first line of the caption as an "injured protester." Buried in the third line of the four-line caption is a brief mention that Israeli security forces confronted "stone-throwers" during an anti-Israel rally.  But that's hardly sufficient to convey the real truth and sequence of events. Israeli police were confronted by a hail of lethal stones hurled at them by...(Read Full Post)