The real madness

There was big news dominating the front pages of newspapers in 49 states this week: the Supreme Court's consideration of ObamaCare, the result of which still seems to be a crapshoot, despite tough questioning of the administration's lawyer  by several conservative justices and Justice Kennedy.  In one state, Kentucky, the papers were dominated by talk of civil war -- namely the basketball game between Louisville and Kentucky on Saturday night in the NCAA Men's Final Four. I was in  Lexington for two days this week, the home of UK,  and people there were pretty fired up. Pure unadulterated hatred for the other side will do that.  UK fans have long memories. They are boycotting UPS the past few weeks since UPS is repeatedly running a commercial through the tournament that features Grant Hill passing to Christian Laettner for the winning basket in the 1992 Eastern regional final when Duke beat Kentucky by one point in overtime.  Here is some evidence of how...(Read Full Post)