Public radio embraces retracted story on Apple

Thursday's MARKETPLACE program on public radio includes a report by Kai Ryssdal in which he cites approvingly the totally discredited report by Mike Daisy about working conditions in Apple factories in China.   From the MARKETPLACE transcript for March 29:

"Ryssdal: I couldn't help but not,(sic) Mr. van Heerden, in your report that Apple became a member of the FLA on the 13th of January, 2012 -- which is, by my calculations, about a week after the big Mike Daisey This American Life story aired in the United States. Which, as you know, got immense amounts of attention. Do you care that they joined right after that report or do you just want Apple on board just so you can have a say in these things?"

Listeners would never know from Mr. Ryssddal, that this very report was subject of a major retraction by THIS AMERICAN LIFE's host Ira Glass.   

Is this is a liberal's attempt to rehabilitate Mr. Daisy in the public's eyes for his Dan Rather-style "Fake but Accurate" reporting or just incompetence?

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