The real madness

There was big news dominating the front pages of newspapers in 49 states this week: the Supreme Court's consideration of ObamaCare, the result of which still seems to be a crapshoot, despite tough questioning of the administration's lawyer  by several conservative justices and Justice Kennedy.  In one state, Kentucky, the papers were dominated by talk of civil war -- namely the basketball game between Louisville and Kentucky on Saturday night in the NCAA Men's Final Four. I was in  Lexington for two days this week, the home of UK,  and people there were pretty fired up. Pure unadulterated hatred for the other side will do that.  UK fans have long memories. They are boycotting UPS the past few weeks since UPS is repeatedly running a commercial through the tournament that features Grant Hill passing to Christian Laettner for the winning basket in the 1992 Eastern regional final when Duke beat Kentucky by one point in overtime. 

Here is some evidence of how intense it has gotten: 

In other sports news, the University of Illinois agreed today to join the Mid American Conference, where its coaches are already at home.


Sure, the Obama administration is a good friend of Israel. They list Jerusalem as separate and apart from Israel when listing the itinerary of a State Department official. They whitewash prior documents with the location Jerusalem, Israel. They fight in Court to prevent people born in the city, from listing Jerusalem, Israel, on their passport.  Now they are claiming that all parts of Jerusalem are in dispute, including the western section, where Israel has its capital, and offices of government. No this is not merely following the policies of prior administrations. And after the Obama Medvedev meeting, with the message to Vladimir, how do you think Obama will treat Israel in a second term, when  he need not worry about elections anymore?

Liberals tend to live in an echo chamber -- reading the New York Times, listening to NPR, watching MSNBC.  No wonder they are shocked that some members of the Supreme Court are actually considering the constitutionality of the health care law, rather than just waving  it by as  more evidence of better living through big government. 

Some of the shocked liberal advocates for ObamaCare are now talking of a single payer system  to replace it if the Court throws it all out. Maybe they should consider this first. Single payer government run health care inevitably requires rationing and reduces quality.

Dan Henninger is a bit relieved that if the Court has the courage to act, we may yet remain the United States, and not France

Here is more France on display. 

Victor Davis Hansen on why the world hates Israel.


About 8,000 to 9,000 blacks are murdered every year in the United States, and over 90% of the murders are committed by other blacks. I do not recall seeing Reverend Al or Reverend Jesse showing up to mourn these deaths, or to mourn the race hatred that must be involved (to follow their logic)  when several hundred whites are murdered by blacks each year.  Just like the Duke lacrosse story, the Trayvon Martin story is one that the left and the race merchants cling to because it confirms the stereotypes they hold dear, of an America that is as racist as it was 50 years back. Heather MacDonald and Daniel Greenfield offer valuable insight.

Now on to journalistic ethics: MSNBC host Al Sharpton is splitting his time this week- half the time hosting his program, half the time agitating in Florida.

And then there is this from Wisconsin. I am sure they are covering the recall there  in a fair and balanced way.

After watching this short video from Danish TV, the kind of satire impossible here given the political correctness surrounding Barack Obama, the questions are these:

  • Who is punching below his weight (other than Obama)?
  • Which countries (other than Israel) are not our great allies (we know Russia is now a great ally after the laying on hands with Medvedev and the hot mic message to Putin)