The liberal bully network strikes again (Updated)

The President of the California Fish and Game Commission, Daniel W. Richards, stirred up a row last week when he posted a picture of himself on a hunting web site with a mountain lion he had legally shot in Idaho, the Los Angeles Times reported. Since Mountain lion hunting is illegal in California, and the Commission oversees those regulations, California's lieutenant governor, state assembly Democrats, and the Humane Society have called for Mr. Richard's resignation: "Your actions have raised serious questions about whether you respect the laws of the people of California and whether you are fit to adequately enforce those laws,'' Assemblyman Ben Hueso (D-Logan Heights) wrote in a letter signed by 40 Democrats in the state Assembly. Par for the course for California liberals, but Mr. Richards' response may be a lesson in standing up to the liberal bully network. In a letter to Assemblyman Hueso, with a copy to Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, Mr. Richards sticks to his guns: Do you...(Read Full Post)