Panicky Advertisers Abandon Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh has apologized for labeling 30 year old "reproductive justice" activist Sandra Fluke with two derogatory names.

As of Sunday night, seven companies have stopped advertising with Mr. Limbaugh.  I doubt that any of us could talk nationally for three hours a day spanning 20 years and avoid the same fate.

Mr. Limbaugh's apology signifies a mistake, but perspective on this issue is in order.  These companies are free to act as they wish, but their rash conclusions give me pause.

Does our Constitution matter at all to these companies?  Does it matter to them that Obama by decree is attempting to force an agenda on religious institutions that violates their freedom of religion?

Does a sense of decency reside in these companies?  Our federal government is promoting tax payer funded contraception on a religious college campus which by default also promotes promiscuity.  Do these companies think it is proper to advocate the wholesale sexual degrading of young women?

Do the CEO's of these companies really think this spectacle is about access to healthcare and women's rights?  Or is Obamacare starting its takeover of 1/5th of the economy?

Are any of these companies thoroughly upset with liberal senators Frank and Dodd who totally trashed the real estate market and sent untold masses of families packing into foreclosure?

Are any of these companies upset enough to retaliate against Nancy Pelosi who used her position as a public servant to profit from insider trading?

And did any of these companies pitch a white hot fit when Democrat Diane Feinstein of California used her clout as a U.S. senator to direct government contracts to a firm that her husband is involved in?

Do any of these companies care that the Democratic Party, which is advancing this contraceptive spectacle, promotes abortion which has snuffed out 53 million American lives since 1973?  Do these companies have any idea whatsoever about the evil of the abortion holocaust as compared to the mistake of calling someone a derogatory name?

I really do not care how much money Mr. Limbaugh does or does not make.  That is his business.  But it does give me pause that these companies seem very quick to sell out on a liberal narrative that is in fact harmful to women.  I wonder how many men in these companies would delight in seeing their unmarried daughter burn up $3000 worth of contraception while attending law school?  I wonder what one calls a coed like that?  A busy female?  Mr. Limbaugh's offense, which he apologized for, is a nick on the finger compared to the carnage that the Democratic Party advocates.

Ron Hunnicutt

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