The divergent timelines and histories of Obama and Netanyahu

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu took time out in the Oval Office for photo ops with waves  of photographers and correspondents before settling down to their deliberations on the Iranian nuclear threat.   While cameras clicked, they also had an opportunity to set the tone for their summit -- the ninth such meeting during their respective tenures. Each man was primed to make nice, diplomatic remarks about the close ties that bind both countries.  Obama underscored his support of Israel and  his determination not to let Iran acquire nuclear weapons.  In turn, Netanyahu thanked the president for his "strong" speech at the AIPAC conference and stressed their mutual interest in standing up against Iran's nuclear ambitions.  In Iran's eyes, "you're the Great Satan and we're the Little Satan," he told the president. So far, not anything of stop-the-presses significance.  Yet, in more closely parsing their remarks, one can find a few very...(Read Full Post)