The Correction Doesn't Help

The EU's Catherine Ashton was horrified, mortified -- she said -- that her comments to a group of Palestinian children following the murder of Jewish children and a rabbi at a school in Toulouse, France were taken out of context.  The first transcript did indeed make it sound as if she was comparing the children of Gaza to the children of Toulouse.  And she is right that the video has her saying that the children of Gaza and Sderot were being killed. The correction doesn't help.  Her examples of "young people who have been killed in all sorts of terrible circumstances" were Belgian, Norwegian, Syrian, Palestinian and Israeli.  The first example is unlike the others in an important way, and the Palestinians example is unlike all of them in a vital way. The Belgian children were killed in a bus crash, awful in itself, but an accident.  The Norwegian children were killed by a man the Norwegian government believes acted alone and who has been found criminally...(Read Full Post)