Operation Vast & Obvious

Breitbart has another one of those vetting videos up today and this time it's Eric Holder's turn in the limelight. In it, Holder, who wields vast power as head of the nation's chief law enforcement agency, explains his attitude towards guns and gun control. While the immediate goal of his 1995 antigun campaign was admirable, that of eliminating guns in schools and in youth populations, it is revealing that Holder uses the term "brainwash" to describe his methods. Remember when Holder, Hillary and their boss, as well as lesser luminaries, were trumpeting the obviously false charge that 90% of the guns being used by the Mexican drug cartels in their violent and bloody wars originated in the United States? Was that an attempt to brainwash the American public into acceptance of more restrictive gun laws? Was the whole Fast & Furious program the basis upon which to build such a anti-gun, brainwashing campaign? Watch the video; it's obvious that the man who wields such vast power now...(Read Full Post)